If you have the code for your keypad and it is locked out just try leaving the ignition switched "on" for 30 minutes and this should then allow you to re-enter your code.

This device has to receive a correct four digit number which is punched in via a keypad (looks like picture) within the car before the vehicle will start. This number is selected by the owner of the vehicle when first purchased, if the number is later mislaid for any reason or the vehicle is later sold without the code being passed on to the new owner or the device which holds the secret codes gets corrupted, a very expensive Engine Management System has to be replaced at a cost of between £380 - £700 NOT NOW. Our software will allow us to read the original code. 

Please note: We do not decode any other type of car immobiliser, only keypad immobilisers. If it looks similar to the above picture then we can decode it!

We charge £40.00 for this service if you bring it to us or by post at extra £10.00 charge, to cover postage & packaging.

We may also be able to decode original manufacturers' immobiliser & ECU's for Fiat, Peugeot & Citroen. Please phone to check with the number from the ECU first.