If you have a security coded car radio and you know its code then you probably will never need our service. However, let's say that you have a pre-owned car or a pre-owned radio and you don't have the code for it; all is well while the radio works but at some point the power to the radio will be disconnected. This can happen if your battery goes flat or when the car is undergoing repair work and the mechanic disconnects the battery, you may get an alarm fitted, again requiring the power to be disconnected or your kids simply mess it up by pressing all the buttons at once.

The radio will then assume that it has been stolen and when the power is reconnected it requires you to enter a code number to activate it. This can be a simple 3 digit code or up to a 6 digit code giving nearly a million different permutations! You can try your luck by entering random numbers but after 3 attempts (in most cases) the radio refuses any more entries and is rendered useless.

This is where we can help by electronically unlocking the radio, reading the manufacturer's original security code and optionally changing it to a code of your choice. For most of the radios that we can decode the cost starts at £10.00, for this we will remove the radio from your vehicle, decode your radio, then we check that the radio will accept the code, then we will refit it back into your vehicle. We will show you how to enter the code into the radio, retune your stations into the preset buttons, then we give you a card with the code on it for you to keep in a safe place.

To enable us to do this we need the 17 digit chassis number of the car that the radio is to be fitted into. This can be found on your V5C registration document, under the bonnet stamped in to the body, also it may be found in a small window of the front windscreen. Because this is a full strip on the radio, and we need to get to the chip that needs to be programmed, the cost is £30.00 if you bring it to us or plus post & packing if sent in.